Create a Lucky Dip for School Holiday Fun

While it is widely acknowledged that being bored is beneficial for children and their imaginations, sometimes it’s nice to be able to direct that restless energy somewhere. I’m thinking specifically of the 4th rainy day in a row. Or the second week of the school holidays. Sound familiar? A friend told me that whenever she and her siblings would utter the dreaded “I’m boooooooored”, her mum would reply with “There’s no such thing as being bored. Just boring people.” Ouch.

An alternative to accusing your kids of being boring people, is to have plenty of ideas up your sleeve to inspire them to get a game going. You can then make a lucky dip, filled with activities to bring on the school holiday fun. The creation of the lucky dip is itself a fun activity to involve the kids in.

Something to put things in

You’ll need a jar, tin, vase or cup to hold the sticks. I opted for a jar. You could also use a takeaway container, a basket or a shoe box. Whatever you’ve got on hand.

Lucky Dip for School Holiday Fun

Get the kids to decorate the jar (or tin or box, etc) however they like. Stickers, washi tape, paint, paper, glitter and good old textas are all equally good.

Something to write on

You’ll also need something to write your activities on. We used some left over craft sticks and prettied them up. You could simply write the ideas on paper and throw the strips into the box.  Again whatever works for you.

Lucky Dip for School Holiday Fun

Bring on the ideas!

Brainstorm the kinds of activities to include with the kids.Here are a bunch of ideas to get you started:

Lucky Dip for School Holiday Fun

Create Your Own

Lucky Dip for School Holiday Fun

Try getting the kids to pull out a lucky dip each morning, or just use it whenever you hear the ‘I’m bored’ cry. Either way, boredom gone!

More ways to keep the kids amused:

Images: Shannon Wong-Nizic