DIY Mini Knit Scarf Ribbon

DIY Mini Scarf Ribbon Tutorial

DIY Knit Scarf Ribbon

Wrap your presents up nice and cozy with this DIY mini scarf ribbon tutorial! This is a great one-night project for leftover yarn, and it adds a nice personal touch to your gifts.  


If your kids are interested in knitting, this is a good place to start, since it's super quick and simple!


  • About 10 yards chunky yarn (I used Misty Alpaca in Pewter)
  • US size 19 knitting needles 
  • Scissors


Step 1: Cast on five stitches.

DIY Knit Scarf Ribbon

Step 2: Knit straight through until your mini scarf is long enough to wrap around your gift, with about three inches extra at each end. 

DIY Knit Ribbon

Step 3: Cast off

Step 4: Cut a four-inch piece of the remaining yarn.

Adding a tassel to a knitted ribbon

Step 5: Fold the piece of yarn in half.

Adding a tassel

Step 6: Push the looped end through the first stitch at one end of your knitted ribbon. 

Adding a tassel

Adding a tassel

Step 7: Slip the open end through the looped end and pull to secure. 

Step 8: Repeat steps 4–7 with nine additional pieces of yarn, so you have five two-pronged tassel pieces on each side.

DIY Mini Scarf Ribbon

Step 9: If the tassel ends are uneven, trim them so they're the same length. 

DIY Mini Knit Scarf Ribbon

Step 10: Wrap your mini scarf ribbon around your gift like you would a normal ribbon. 

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