Polka-Dot Bouquet Wrapper DIY Craft

Flowers are the most popular Mother’s Day gifts, so why not make your bouquet extra special by adding a handmade twist? Try this easy DIY to make your Mother’s Day bouquet unique and personal. Here is a super easy and very pretty way to wrap up those flowers this Mother’s Day.



  • kraft paper
  • paint
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • tape

Flower Wrapping Paper DIY - Materials


Step 1: Cut off a section of your paper. Depending on the size of your bouquet you will need to adjust the size of your paper.

Flower Wrapping Paper DIY - Step 1

Step 2: Grab your paint and pencil and dip the pencil eraser into the paint lid. You don’t want too much tape, but just enough to make some polka dots!

Flower Wrapping Paper DIY - Step 2

Step 3: Start stamping! You can do a design, spell out a name or just do dots. It’s fun, right?

Flower Wrapping Paper DIY - Step 3

Step 4: Once the paint is completely dry, flip the paper over and grab your flowers!

Flower Wrapping Paper DIY - Step 4

Step 5: Wrap your flowers up in the paper and tape it. You’re done! (Told you it was easy!)

Flower Wrapping Paper DIY - Step 5

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