Thanksgiving Side Table DIY

Thanksgiving Side Table DIY

A side table will help keep your gathering organized and less stressful.


Your table doesn’t have to be a formal sideboard that came with your dining room set. It could be a knock-down simple table that you set up temporarily. Cover it with a cloth, a piece of burlap, or a painters canvas drop cloth for a rustic look. I use the mantel in my dining room as my sideboard.

This year I set it up as a bar.

I decorated it with fallen branches I found outside. I placed the branches in a trio of glass vases, and set up tall candle holders on the other side of the mantel to create an informal balance.

I also used a chalkboard to feature the Thanksgiving menu. A chalkboard is a fun way to add a little bit of your personality to the decor.

Learn how to make a Thanksgiving Chalkboard Menu here

Thanksgiving Chalkboard Menu DIY

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