20 DIY Chore Charts That Actually Work

I love keeping my kids on task. The more I can get them to do for themselves, the less I have to hound them or clean up behind their never-ending messes. With a toddler and an elementary school kid in the house, I know one system might not work for them both. So I’ve been on the hunt for some inventive ways to keep both girls engaged and motivated to keep our house clean.

Hopefully, I’m teaching them some responsibility and accountability all while lessening my housework load. So far, the girls only get money for birthdays and an occasional Tooth Fairy visit, but it’s also important for me to help them realize that the amount they earn is directly correlated to how hard they work. Chore charts are definitely the answer in our household. If you’re unfamiliar with chore charts, they’re basically a visual method to help kids (or less responsible adults, as it may be…) understand tasks or chores that are assigned to them, as well as tie some sort of reward to fulfilling those tasks.


I’ve rounded up twenty-one chore charts that really do work. For some all you need is a printer, and others are a bit fancier and involve some creativity and craft supplies. If your kids are highly motivated by rewards, the simpler ones will do the job, but if they’re particularly visual, trying a fancier chore chart is probably in order. Check them out in the slideshow.

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