DIY Fabric Alphabet Magnets

Display drawings and homework on the fridge, while helping kids with their ABCs, with these DIY fabric alphabet magnets.


I used a vintage floral fabric in a bold color. But you can make these magnets with any fabric scraps you may have on hand. Customize them with your favorite colors, patterns, and fonts to make them uniquely yours.

DIY Fabric Alphabet Magnets

Here’s how to make your own set of fabric alphabet magnets in under an hour…

Supplies for Fabric Magnets


  • Fabric
  • Magnet sheets
  • Mod-Podge
  • Foam brush
  • Scissors
  • Pen or marker


Vintage Pink Fabric with Large Black Scissors

Step 1: Cut pieces of fabric to fit your magnet sheets.

Magnet Sheet Being Mod Podge

Step 2: Liberally apply Mod-Podge to a magnet sheet with the foam brush. Smooth the fabric onto the magnet sheet. Since Mod-Podge dries quickly, you’ll want to make one sheet at a time. Let the sheets dry.

Draw letter on fabric magnet sheet

Step 3: Once dry, draw your favorite letters on the sheets using a pen or marker. And, if letters aren’t your thing, shapes would be fun too.

Cutting letter out with scissors

Step 4: Cut the letters out.

Fabric Letters Cut Out

Step 5: If your letters will get a lot of use, you can apply an additional layer of Mod-Podge to the top of your finished letters for extra durability.

DIY Fabric Alphabet Magnets

DIY Fabric Alphabet Magnets

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