Mommy Must-Have: JetKids by Stokke

I travel back and forth between Tel Aviv and New York City about every six weeks – with my toddler. It’s never not utterly exhausting, but thanks to Flyaway Kids Bed and now JetKids by Stokke, it’s infinitely more seamless. Flyaway is great for any age (they say 2-7, but I used it starting at three months), but JetKids isn’t something a child is ready to use till about age three (or till they can ride on or pull a small suitcase themselves). Once a child is old enough for JetKids, however, they’ll loooove it. It’s an awesome way to get kids excited about traveling as well as give them some independence with their own luggage. So what exactly is JetKids?


Basically JetKids is a suitcase that you can fill with your little ones stuff (there’s storage under the lid too), but it’s also designed so they can ride on it or pull it (it’s easy to maneuver) and then, once on board, the suitcase turns into a bed as seen above! I suggest practicing at home before you get to the plane, but that said it’s pretty quick and easy. I also appreciate the soft side panels for not just comfort, but it helps keep things from falling on the floor. You can use the seat belt on the bed whether your child is lying down or sitting upright.

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