Mommy Must-Have: Flyaway Kids Bed (Airplane Travel Made Easy!)

Traveling with toddlers and babies is simply put, more often that not, a total nightmare. I do the trip from NYC to TLV fairly often with baby by my side and just getting on and off the plane is stressful! But now thanks to Flyway Kids Bed, the actual plane trip isn’t…even when it’s a 12 hour trip. I book the flight at night and the baby basically sleeps the whole trip.

So what is Flyaway? It’s basically an inflatable cushion that fills the gap between your child’s seat and the seat in front of them, creating a bed in the process (but unlike competitors isn’t bulky and doesn’t take up all the floor space).

The website says the bed is for kids two and up, but I think that’s because two is the age you’re required to buy your child an extra seat. I’ve used the inflatable bed with a six month old and it worked wonderfully! Luckily the times I used it I was given a bulkhead row with a bassinet that had an extra seat next to me, so I didn’t even need to pay for the seat used (again, baby was under 2). I used the bed instead of the bassinet and it was amazing. It inflates in 90 seconds via two valves and deflates in an instant (it comes with a carry bag and pump), stops toys/pacifiers from falling on the floor (when they fall while in an airplane, you’ll never find them again!), can be wiped clean if baby spits up or spills and it’s lightweight (under 3 lbs). Plus, unlike many competitors, Flyaway is accepted by a ton of major airlines. It’s so amazing that I will now only travel to Israel via Delta because they’re on the approved list (unlike United and El Al).

Note this seat can’t be used in an exit row (though it can be used in bulkhead). It also can’t be used during takeoff or landing. It can be used in regular middle or window seats. Lastly, while it’s relatively lightweight, it will take up a good amount of space in your carry-on.

Lastly, while the price of Flyaway may seem expensive, if someone told you that for $160 your child would sleep on a 12 hour flight would you take that deal? I think the answer is obvious. Plus, the quality is top notch. This isn’t something you’ll have to replace after a few flights.

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