Mommy Must-Have: Yogasleep Rohm Travel Sound Machine

My mornings pretty much always start the same way. I go to my workout class with my 11 month old and on the walk back he falls asleep in his stroller. Unfortunately as soon as that 30 minute walk is over and we enter our apartment – he is up. It’s like he has a sixth sense. On the rare occasion that nap #1 takes place at home he always sleeps at least an hour, so I know it has to do with having a sense for being home (it has nothing to do with the stroller no longer moving because pit stops don’t wake him). Well, at least this was the case till a few weeks ago when I attached the Yogasleep Rohm Travel Sound Machine to his stroller.


This travel sound machine requires no instructions. It has four simple buttons: on/off, volume up and down and a button to change the noise. I simply attach it to my son’s stroller – he usually plays with it for a few seconds/minutes – and then he falls asleep. I’m not sure how much he can actually here while we’re outside because it’s so loud, but I think it makes the transition from outside to inside smoother. At least that’s my guess, but all I know is that ever since I’ve been using it I get an extra 30 minutes or so of him sleeping in the stroller when we get home. When I put my son to bed in his crib I use the Hatch, but I have a feeling I’ll be traveling with the Roam from now on when we do trips (beyond just stroller walks by day) because it’s so much more portable and you can easily charge it.