Mommy Must-Have: Loulou Lollipop Pacifier Clips

One of my one year old’s favorite toys is rather unexpected… it’s his Loulou Lollipop Pacifier Clip. Anyone with a baby/toddler knows they just loooove to throw things. It’s pretty amazing how I manage to lose at least one item almost every single day when pushing my son in his stroller. I’m literally watching him as I push and somehow he manage to throw/drop things without my noticing (literally even big things like a blanket or baseball cap…). Nothing gets lost as often as pacifiers, however.

Unfortunately for me, my son’s favorite are WubbaNub and Bibs, which are expensive. Every time he looses one I’m like gahhhhh. I’ve tried every clip imaginable and guess what… he throws those too. Literally manages to detach and toss without my noticing….babies are so subtle when they want to be! Other he just screams when I attach the pacifier (looking at you wide rings) to the holder. The only outlier? Loulou Lollipop Pacifier Clips.

Note that the WubbaNub stuffed animal attached to the pacifer does help, but I’ve still managed to lose at least half a dozen in the last year (he has been using them since birth) and you can’t use them with any type of clip.

He loooooves the Loulou Lollipop balls. Plus, not only do their clips work to keep pacifiers, teething rings or toys close at hand and off the street, they come in wood, silicone and stainless clips and a host of different colors and styles. He often plays with the clip at home even when a pacifier isn’t attached because he just likes to (this has been the case since I started using it at around six months). The one downside is that the clip doesn’t attach as securely as I’d like everywhere, so there have been times when he’s managed to rip it off from the place I’ve attached the clip though it’s still easier to spot than a loose pacifier or toy when it falls on-the-go.

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