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7 Picnic Essentials For The Perfect Family Outing

Planning a picnic can be daunting. While it sounds like a blast, the reality is that it can be a total pain in the ass to organize and a total disaster if you don’t have the proper picnic essentials. Unlike eating in your backyard, you can’t run into the house to grab a cutting board and knife to slice up cheese at the last minute. So having the right supplies to picnic with actually make the entire process more streamlined and easier.

Whether you gang keeps things simple sandwiches and wraps or gets fancy with charcuterie board ingredients and an entire gourmet meal, your entire picnic experience will be forever changed when you use the right tools to pack and enjoy your food. From a bag that converts to a blanket to an outdoor speaker to listen to your favorite family playlist, here are 7 family picnic essentials for your next outing.

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