Tia Mowry: Why I’m an Attachment Parent

This month Tia Mowry steps in as our guest editor and shares her experience as a style star and a sexy mama. Here she talks about her parenting experiences why she's made the choice to raise her son, Cree, in an attachment style. Find out more below:


I never felt like I specifically made a decision to practice "attachment parenting," it wasn't like I said: I am going to be this type of parent over that type of parent. It was something that just naturally took place after I had my son, Cree. When I had Cree, breastfeeding for me was a no-brainer; it was something that I truly enjoyed. The bonding experience was unbelievable and I felt so attached to my son. I was devastated when my milk dried out due to my hectic work schedule. If I had my way, I would have breastfed until Cree was two years old! That's how much I loved it, and that's what inspired me to launch MILKY! with my sister. I wanted to help out other moms out there who were having trouble breastfeeding, because it was so important to me. I think that experience with your child is a period of time where an intense bond can be made, so I was sad when it was something I could not do anymore.

Perhaps practicing attachment parenting was born from that intense and wonderful parenting experience, and I have just done what I feel is right for my son and my family. I am definitely more of an attachment parent, than not, because the some parenting principles I practice that just feel natural to me happen to be attachment parenting principles. This parenting style has benefited my relationship with Cree, mostly due to my work schedule. Being a working mom, my hours are crazy, so I do enjoy doing things like letting Cree sleep with me in bed and taking him everywhere with me. On the other hand, I do experience struggles with this type of parenting, and it is mostly based in the judgement of others. I know I get judged by a lot of people, however what I believe is there is no right or wrong way to parent a child. I think a mother must do whatever is best for her and for her family. For me, after my struggles with breastfeeding and my insane work life, attachment parenting has really worked for me & I am sure it works for tons of other moms out there!