Tia Mowry Fills Us In

One of the many reasons we love hot mama Tia Mowry is that she doesn't hold back. This sexy star keeps it real as dishes all the dirt on parenting and her pregnancy (even sharing her most embarrassing pregnancy symptom!). Below, she finishes our sentences and fills us in on the most private aspects of her personal life.

  1. When I need advice, my go-to mama guru is Latham Thomas.
  2. My favorite 5-minute de-stress method is a foot massage.
  3. . My most embarrassing pregnancy symptom was gas.
  4. My weirdest pregnancy craving was pickled garlic.
  5. The thing that surprised me the most about becoming a mom was overwhelming fatigue.
  6. My son's first words were "Da Da".
  7. The best piece of parenting advice I ever received was "forgive yourself".
  8. My can’t-live-without beauty product is Yyves St. Laurent "Touche Eclat" Concealer.
  9. My favorite on-the-go snack is seaweed.
  10. My son can’t live without his mamma!
  11. The best part of filming a reality show is the spontaneous travel.
  12. The worst part of filming a reality show is having all my flaws showcased.
  13. My guilty pleasure is True Blood.
  14. Regaining my body after baby was difficult!
  15. My family went vegan because we wanted to be more in control of our health.
  16. The most difficult part of going vegan is breakfast time.
  17. The best part of going vegan is feeling so alive all the time.
  18. My favorite nickname for Cree is CreeCree.
  19. My advice to working moms is prioritize (and don't sweat the small stuff).
  20. I never leave the house without my iPhone.
  21. The biggest difference between my twin sister and me is that Tamera tends to be much more traditional.
  22. The best part of my day is coming home to my son.
  23. You know you’re a mom when you walk into a business meeting with Pampers in your purse!
  24. My favorite part of parenthood is _seeing and experiencing your child's milestones.
  25. The toughest part of parenthood is dealing with temper tantrums.
  26. Wearing a lettuce dress for PETA was AMAZING.
  27. We chose Cree as my son’s name because The "C" represents the C in CORY (my husband's name). When we were looking at baby names, Cory told me it was really important to him that our son have a name that represented "strength". We learned that "Cree" was the name of a Native American tribe made up of people who were known for being warriors and traveling across the globe.