Classic Kids’ Books You Loved As a Kid (& Your Kids Will Love, Too)

You know what’s been unexpectedly cool about mothering? Getting to relive the best parts of my own childhood through my kids. I love to sing the funny summer camp songs that remain burned into my brain 30 years later, dress Barbie for a party, do spin art, and tie dye tee-shirts un-ironically.  As my preschooler and baby get a bit older, I’ll be teaching them how to make cat’s cradle with a knotted loop of string (I still remember how to execute a flawless Jacob’s Ladder), screaming “Yahtzee!” and putt-putting golf balls into a clown’s mouth like it’s 1983 all over again. These are the days.

I have a veritable bucket list of childhood experiences that I long to repeat with my kids, from riding It’s a Small World to touring the monuments in Washington D.C., but something that’s easier and a whole lot less expensive to share on a daily basis is my collection of storybooks. I’ve been amazed at how well the tales my parents told me hold up; the lessons are timeless, the humor’s still funny and the slightly dated pictures (i.e. lots of rotary phones) are oddly fascinating to my littles. Here are 15 classic picture books that won’t disappoint. Try reading one to your kids tonight!


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