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Best Classic Movies To Watch With Teens

If you want to introduce some films to your teens that you can enjoy together, classic movies are the way to go. They might be hesitant to watch them at first (because they are at that age where classics are ‘boring’), but with a bit of pestering, they will watch them with you, eventually loving them. We know you must be thinking about which movie to start with since there are so many good classic movies. Keep your worries at bay, as we have listed some of the best classics that will surely resonate with your teenager.

1. The Breakfast Club

Start the classic movie marathon with this 1985 American indie teen coming-of-age comedy-drama film. Your teens will be able to connect and find themselves in this. The movie captures the life of five high school students with very different mindsets who face detention in their school library on a Saturday morning. However, their egos fade with time, and they unexpectedly become close buddies.

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Does your teen skip school to go on small adventures with their friends? If yes, they will love Bueller’s story in this 1986 movie. Ferris Bueller, a high school student, fakes sickness to skip school and stay at home. However, his parents are unaware that Ferris spends the rest of the day with his best friend and girlfriend instead of staying home, exploring the city in a borrowed Ferrari. Meanwhile, his dean tries to spy on him to know the complete truth.

3. Grease

If your teen loves musicals, this 1978 movie is a must-watch. While vacationing in Australia, Danny (played by John Travolta) and Sandy (played by Olivia Newton-John) fall in love. However, they part ways, believing they will not see each other again, but fate has other plans. They go to the same high school for senior year, but between maintaining his cool-guy image and handling the rivals, Danny and Sandy’s love takes a back seat.

4. Pretty in Pink

“Pretty in Pink” is a 1986 American teen rom-com drama film about love and social cliques in high schools in the 1980s. This classic movie shows the dilemma of an unpopular young girl who must choose between her childhood love and a rich but sensitive classmate.

5. Dead Poets Society

Robin Williams’ performance left everyone speechless when “Dead Poets Society” was first released in 1989. It is a classic movie that we have gone back to time and again, so why not share it with your teens? In the film, Williams plays the role of a new poetry teacher whose unconventional teaching method leads to an uproar in the highly conservative all-boys boarding school. It is due to his teaching that boys find a new path, much to the principal’s and parents’ annoyance.

6. A Walk to Remember

A rebellious teenager, Landon Carter, is forced to do community service when a prank goes wrong. However, he changes for good when he meets another North Carolina teen, Jamie Sullivan. Initially, Landon struggles to become friends with her but eventually has a self-discovery and falls in love with her. It’s a sentimental classic, so keep the tissue box handy.

Apart from these classic movies, you and your teen can also watch “Real Women Have Curves,” “13 Going On 30,” “Cooley High,” “Sixteen Candles,” and “10 Things I Hate About You.” While some will make you laugh, others will leave you teary-eyed.

So, which movies will you watch with your kiddo this weekend? We suggest having a movie marathon with your teen and watching all these classic movies, of course, paired with some good snacks. Give these movies a watch, and let us know which was your teen’s favorite in the comment section below.

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