Busy Phillips
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Busy Phillips Has Awkward Text Exchange With Mom, and We’ve All Been There

On Tuesday, December 28th, 2021, Busy Phillips posted a hot selfie to her Instagram and one commenter sparked concern from her mom. Later, Phillips posted a screenshot of the text exchange to her Instagram stories, which PEOPLE posted (the story has since disappeared).

Given the nature of the conversation, retold below, we’ve definitely all been there. We’ve all had some variation of this conversation with our mothers, no matter how old we get. Moms will be moms, always and forever. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Busy Phillips Bats Away Mom’s Concern

Busy Phillips and Barbara Phillips
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Phillips’ photo was a chill, but quite seductive, tropical pool pic.

“This is 100 percent the hottest self-timer pic I’ve ever taken,” Phillips jested in the caption of the photo. “…there’s no lame comment where I try to buy back what this is.” Telling it like it is.

A few hours later, an InstaStory popped up from Phillips, with a screenshot of a conversation that had taken place via text with her mom in the interim. “This is what I get for posting that thirst trap,” Phillips wrote across the screenshot. “This text from my mom.”

Mom, Barbara, had seen the photo and a comment from someone saying that some skin on Phillips’ right arm looked “swollen.” She seemed to agree.

“Biz – someone commented on your Insta pic about your right underarm looking swollen and it does. Please take a look and get to a Dr. if it is,” Barbara texted.

Phillips simply responded, “Mom.” To which mom replied, “Busy it does.”

“Stop. It’s fat. Seriously stop it,” daughter protested. “It’s not fat!” Mom retorted.

“Mother stop it,” daughter pleaded. “Ok. You are not fat,” said Mom.

“MOM. STOP,” replied Phillips. “ILY,” mom replied, along with a heart emoji.

If you’re saying to yourself right now that you’ve never had this conversation with mom, think again. We’ve ALL had this conversation with our moms. Likely hundreds of times.

Have you had this same conversation with your mom? About how many times would you say, ballpark? Let us know in the comments below.

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