20 Questions: Terri Seymour Fills Us In

This month is major for you! You’re about to become a mum AND it’s awards season. First, the baby. When you found out you were pregnant you burst into tears. I was in the petrol station (not very glamorous, I know!). Clark and I were together, which made it even more special

And you’re having a girl! When your doctor shared your baby’s gender with you, you felt obviously having a healthy baby is what you worry about. But, deep down inside I was thrilled when told I was having a baby girl and Clark has always wanted a girl.

Your strangest pregnancy craving has been Burrata cheese.

You’re the godmother of Simon Cowell’s son Eric, and you’ve said that Simon will be your daughter’s godfather. We know him as the tough guy on “American Idol,” but as a godfather he’ll be a big softy! When I told him I was pregnant he said, ‘Well, I will have to be the godfather and if you have a girl she and Eric will date.’ I said, ‘One step at a time!’.

You’re getting ready for your daughter by doing lots of shopping (babies need so much stuff!) and taking classes to get better prepared.

The one thing you haven’t done yet is buy a diaper (or nappy as we say in the UK)

Your daughter will call you mum, mummy, or mama, because I’m so thrilled to have the privilege to be a mummy, she can call me whatever she wants!!

A tradition that you enjoyed while growing up in the UK that you plan to pass along to your daughter is bonfire night on the 5th of November, with fireworks and sparklers.

OK, back to your cool gig. Your favorite awards show to cover is The Golden Globes, because it’s so much fun and the stars have had more than a few glasses of champagne

The most fun you’ve ever had on the red carpet was at this year’s SAG Awards, because everyone was so nice and excited for me knowing that I’m pregnant.

But even though you’ve interviewed dozens of celebs, you were still totally star stuck when you interviewed Johnny Depp, because I’m such a fan and he’s a real gentleman and even cooler in person.

The craziest thing to ever happen to you at an awards show has been I had to go to the doctor’s on the way to cover the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globes, because I felt the baby move lower down. Later in the evening, the one time I ran to the loo I missed JLo …typical!

It sounds totally cliché, but it’s the truth: You were glowing at the SAG awards. Your secret to feeling (and looking) so fabulous is a good moisturizing mask and under eye gel before I put on make-up — both work wonders

If your baby is born before the Oscar’s, you’ll be cuddled up on the sofa with her, introducing her to her first award show.

Your days as a correspondent with “EXTRA” are always different! Some days are short and sweet and some days I’m in it for the long haul and the day is very unpredictable. I could be interviewing stars on set, at movie junkets, or on red carpets. Or, I might be doing a fashion and beauty segment.

When you’re not on camera (or getting ready for baby!), you’re watching a baby DVD or trying to sneak in a massage

Your favorite date night spot with boyfriend [Welsh model] Clark Mallon is dinner at Tower Bar or going for a walk by Griffith Observatory

The best movie you’ve seen lately was ooooh, I’ve seen a few movies that I’ve loved, but I thought Jennifer Aniston was excellent in Cake. 

The best book you’ve read lately was Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

Next, you hope to have a healthy baby and be the best mummy I can be.

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