Stepmama Drama: Is LeAnn Rimes Crossing the Line?

Yeah, I get it. But, is this the easiest way of life for Jack? Right now, it’s all he knows and he’s cool with our life together. But if his father ever wanted in, I’d step aside and let things play out. Having more people in Jack’s life who love him can’t be a bad thing, but it certainly can be complicated. I have no clue how I’d feel with Jack having a “stepmom.”

Just take the on-going saga of LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville—it’s exhausting. In Touch reports that LeAnn recently tweeted about planning a birthday party for her stepson, Mason. What’s the biggie, right? I Tweet about packing my son lunch! Because, you know, a turkey and cheese sandwich cutout like a dinosaur is freakin’ cool! 


Well, one of LeAnn’s twitter followers kindly tweeted back suggesting she stop tweeting about Brandi’s kids, because it might help them get along better. What did LeAnn think of this dig? Uh-oh! 

She quickly and aggressively tweeted back: “No! They are my life. Eddie and my life revolve around them I will not edit myself because of anyone else’s childishness.” 

But was Brandi being childish? Not really. She didn’t fire back and simply Tweeted something earlier in the day about her “little men” being tired after celebrating Mason’s big day. Should LeAnn quit tweeting about her stepsons? She’s not Tweeting anything bad. She’s Tweeting about all the fun she has with them.

Is she stirring the pot? It depends on how you look at it. Every parent I know takes to social media to brag, vent, and share about their kids. LeAnn is a very active and present stepmom and the boys are lucky to have another person in their lives who loves them.

I’m sure her Tweeting is more a reflection of her day-to-day life with the kids, then a means to wage war against Brandi. But, she should cool it with the digs. There was no need to suggest Brandi was “childish”—that’s childish. 

What do you think? 



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