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Brandi Glanville Shares Frustrating Co-Parenting Situation In Her New Book

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has always been very candid about every detail of her life – her former marriage, her dating life, and so much more.  In her second book, Drinking & Dating, the mom of two sons, Mason and Jake, doesn’t hold back when she talks about co-parenting with Eddie Cibrian.  Or “no-parenting” as she calls it.  She explains the non-communication when it comes to parenting their sons. 

In her book Brandi describes an incident where her son was hospitalized and she found out after Eddie’s wife LeAnn RImes Tweeted about it!  “It seemed insane that I wouldn’t even be notified that my baby was in the hospital, but that was the reality also known as my life.”


Mason and Jake aren’t allowed to bring home their good clothes from dad’s house and call Brandi by her first name instead of mom when they are at his home.  “They have a closet full of designer clothes. Sadly, when it’s time to come to my house, they are forced to change into the exact same clothes I sent them over to Dad’s house in two days earlier. Apparently, they each have a ‘Brandi’ pile in their room — not even a ‘Mom’ pile — of the things they are allowed to bring with them for their time at my house.” 

Brandi admits that the boys have everything kids could desire at LeAnn’s house – from high end electronics and video games to a zip line!  “According to the boys, the house has a giant pool, a tree house, a zip line, a tricked-out movie theater, a custom trampoline and — wait for it — a rock climbing wall.  I can’t compete and I gave up trying long ago.”  Hopefully Brandi realizes that this is the stuff that won’t matter a thing to her boys as they get older. 

Eddie and Brandi never speak (only through assistants) and don’t talk out decisions about the boys’ upbringing at all.  “Unfortunately, he still doesn’t consult me when making larger decisions about the boys that we should discuss. For example, I wasn’t asked my opinion when he decided to take our ten-year-old son to a R-rated movie. … I don’t think it’s appropriate.”  And he even bought the boys rifles without a word to mom, “I wasn’t thrilled when both of my sons were given BB gun assault rifles for Christmas … Guns of any kind are not an appropriate gift for little boys — or for any of us.”

It sounds to me like these three need a mediator or a family counselor.  All this tension and not talking and collaborating can’t be healthy for any of them.

Weigh in below – do you and your ex talk things out regarding the kids or is it a similar situation to Brandi and Eddie’s?  Have you read either of Brandi’s books?


Photo by Steven A Henry/Getty Images

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