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Brandi Glanville Explains The Heartache Of Parenting After A Divorce

Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian went through a very public divorce after he was caught cheating with country singer LeAnn Rimes while the two filmed a TV movie together (he then married her).  Brandi sat down with Bethenny Frankel on her new talk show to talk about the heartache of seeing her boys, Jake and Mason, with another mom figure in their lives. 

Brandi admits that her relationship with LeAnn and Eddie has its ups and downs, “You know it ebbs and flows, sometimes it’s fine and other times it sucks. Ultimately, as you know, you have to co-parent. This person is going to be in your life for the rest of your life. It’s not like you didn’t have kids and you could walk away and never talk to them again which would be great. I love my children. I’m just saying.” 

Brandi says something positive did come out of the divorce, “You know I think he’s actually become a much better father through divorce because when we were together he wasn’t home alone. He didn’t spend a ton of time with the kids. Now, he is really present. That’s the one positive that I take away from it because the rest freaking sucks.” 

When Bethenny asks if she thinks Eddie is a good guy who just did something wrong, Brandi says he’s decent, but was a terrible at being a husband.  “I don’t think he’s a serial killer but you know he’s a *bleep* for sure but you know it is what it is. If he saw someone who needed help on the side of the road he probably would help them. He’s not a bad human being. He wasn’t a good husband.” 

On seeing her boys with LeAnn, who often shares their adventures together on Twitter, “It’s the worst pain you could ever, you think your heart is broken after you get a divorce wait until there is a girl tweeting pictures of, ‘Oh, look at my family.’ You have no idea.  It’s crazy. No it wont ever end. I feel like she almost does it to antagonize me but at this point I accepted it.  I have to admit it took me awhile but Xanax was my friend when that started happening. I was like, ‘You can have the man but those are my babies'”. 

Brandi’s full interview airs today on ‘bethenny’. 

Have you caught Bethenny’s talk show yet?  The first week was a little rocky and it felt rushed and disjointed somehow, but I’m really enjoying it overall now.  She seems to have found her groove this week and it’s a lot of fun! 


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