alison sweeney

The Biggest Loser hostess and former Days of Our Lives actress Alison Sweeney sits down with Health magazine's newest issue to chat about family, fitness and so much more!  Take a look at a few snippets from her interview below!

On overcoming fears about her career, "When I started to visualize my career early on, I saw myself in a specific way: I’m a very girl-next-door-type character. Then I got cast on Days of Our Lives as the villain… So at 18, I was playing three things I didn’t see myself as at all: maternal, a sex kitten and a nasty villain… That was a great lesson—learning how to fake it ‘til you make it.”

On who she roots for on The Biggest Loser: "The number one thing that I root for is hard work.  I relate to people who really want it.  I know that the numbers on the scale sometimes don’t reflect the effort.  I just love and admire the ones who try.”

On what inspires her:  “My dad was an inspiration to me.  For any idea I’ve ever had, my dad has always said, ‘Let’s make a plan.’  So instead of it being this big, insurmountable vision, you break it down into the little pieces that get you there.  It’s like the Shel Silverstein poem: She ate a whale, one bite at a time.”

On her Biggest Loser “AHA!” moment:  “My top health regret is all the years I spent looking at fitness as the enemy. I thought of it as a punishment. It wasn’t until The Biggest Loser that I started seeing it as a reward. Find that switch in your own mind. In a busy life, it’s a luxury going to the gym. But it’s so much cheaper to take care of your body now than to pay the health bills later.”

On family mealtime fun: “In our family, we all make dinner together: The kids help me cook or set the table, and Dave is on the grill. And when someone’s favorite song comes on, we’ll stop and do a ‘Dance break!’… I have videos of us just rocking out to Michael Jackson in our backyard.”

On her ideal day:  “My perfect, happy day would be a combination of a couple of hours on set, getting a good workout in and then spending the afternoon in the backyard with my kids and just practicing baseball. I think it’s so important to take advantage of nature, to get your hands dirty, to garden, to play at the beach.”



alison sweeney

Photo by Joe Kohen/FilmMagic and Health Magazine