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Tori Spelling Has Her Hands Full With Four Kids Under Six

Tori Spelling fans will be thrilled to know that the celebrity mom and her brood are heading back to reality TV this spring.  Tori, Dean McDermott and their four kids (Liam, Stella, Hattie and Finn) are debuting a new series “Tori and Dean: Cabin Fever”, which will document their family as they renovate (and reside in) a cottage in Ontario, Canada. 

Not only will we get to see Tori fixing up the cabin, but we’ll also get a glimpse at her hectic life as a mom to four kids under the age of six.  Tori recently dished on her crazy non-stop schedule.  “I literally wake up at 6 a.m. and I don’t stop until they go to bed at night. Then I have a blog to write and businesses to run. I don’t stop, so I think that’s what keeps me in shape.” 

She shared that sleep is hard to come by in her house, “It’s really difficult right now. The babies are only 10 months apart, and they’re both still waking up at night. We’re up during the night. We have different sleeping schedules. It’s really tough right now, but we love every second of it.”

Tori also revealed that her youngest Finn is quite a handful!  “He’s our little bruiser of the family. Liam‘s our ham, but Finn is running and terrorizing everything.  Liam was a super mellow baby and with Finn, if you turn around for one second, his finger is in the socket and he’s pulling the blinds around himself. He is that kid.”

Will you tune in for Tori’s new show? It is set to air on HGTV sometime in spring.  

tori spellingPhoto by Tiffany Rose/WireImage & Getty Images

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