10 Shocking Things Tori Spelling Has Revealed on Her Show

She must really need the money. That’s the thought that goes through my head as I watch an episode of Tori Spelling’s new Lifetime reality show “TrueTori.” The show documents Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott’s attempt to repair their marriage after his very public affair was revealed. Watching the show makes me cringe, but it also makes me respect Tori Spelling who is ultimately just a mom trying to tell her story her way. Even if it is embarrassing.

Here are 10 things Tori is revealing to her viewers that I never could.

1. He cheated!  Since Dean’s affair has been covered in every celeb magazine (and online), I suppose there’s no way to keep Dean’s infidelity private. But gosh, putting it out there over and over seems so embarrassing…for both of them.

2. She’s a cheater, too. It may be old news, but Tori met her current husband when she was still married to her first one. Why bring it up? Isn’t it old news?

3. She’s surprised he didn’t cheat sooner. During a couple’s therapy session (yep, the cameras are there too!) Tori reveals that she’s been expecting Dean to cheat for years, thanks to his insatiable appetite for sex. Yikes!


4. Their sex life wasn’t stellar. I can’t help but wince when Dean admits their sex life wasn’t stellar in the video above. This seems so personal, private, and a subject no couple should address on camera. Don’t they know their kids could easily watch this someday? 

5. He wanted to kill himself.  Depression is nothing to be ashamed of. You just don’t necessarily have to talk about it front of a million strangers. 

6. He doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. We all have moments of feeling like imposters in our own lives. We just don’t necessarily talk about it over tea. Not these two. Anything goes, apparently.

7. He’s in rehab. Is it me or is rehab the new black? It seems like everyone proudly goes to rehab and the anonymous part of it seems to a thing of the past.

8. She thinks his affair is her fault. A lot of people get cheated on and think it’s their fault. Very few admit it on national TV. Part of me thinks Tori is courageous for doing so. The other part of me is just cringing on her behalf.

9. He has an alter ego named Deano. Dean’s admission that he has a douchey alter ego named Deano might have successfully proven that Dean is a douche.

10.  Her husband’s fling was with a woman named EmilyI can only imagine the pain Tori felt when she found out her husband cheated on her, but to have to hear and say the name of his mistress over and over again seems like torture.



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