7 Ways Celebrity Moms Aren’t ‘Just Like Us’

Recently, I was reading a celeb magazine while waiting for an appointment. One page after another was filled with stories of celebrity moms and dads, and how they’re just like us normal moms and dads. I wondered how many moms read these magazines and really buy that, thinking: How come it looks so easy for Reese, Jen, Gwyneth, and Angelina? If the stars are just like us normal moms, why don’t I look like them? Why aren’t I jet-setting around the world with my kids? And what’s wrong with me if I’m not?

Of course, celebrity moms aren’t like normal moms. Life isn’t perfect for celebrity moms, but it is much different than it is for us. Trust me, I know. I used to work for a celeb mom as a personal assistant. The job, as you could imagine, had its perks and short-comings. On the plus side, life was fast paced with a glamorous backdrop. On the down side, the schedule was intense and often grueling.

When I got married, I decided to focus more on my own career as a writer and spend time with my new husband. I left my assistant job knowing there was someone else who could better serve my bosses, a celebrity couple with children, while also being completely grateful for my time on the job.

Now that I’m a mom of my own children, I can see just how different my life is than that of a celebrity mom. For starters:

1. They have more staff. Most celeb moms have baby nurses, nannies, personal assistants, a private chef, and a staff to run the house. Managing that staff isn’t easy, but it does leave more time to be with the kids or to work off that extra baby weight at the gym.

2. Their work schedule is often flexible. Most normal moms have to get back to work within 12 weeks of having a baby, but many celeb moms can choose when they go back to work. And if they do have to get back to work, chances are they can bring the baby. And the nanny, too.

3. They get tons of free stuff. If a celeb mom is photographed pushing a certain stroller or wrapping her baby in a specific blanket, sales skyrocket for those companies. So the companies are smart and they send celeb moms a whole host of free things from fancy strollers to fully stocked nurseries. Unless you’ve got an unlimited budget, there’s no way to keep up.

4. They’ve won the genetic gene pool lottery. Moms shouldn’t compare their post-baby body to anyone else’s; that’s even more true if that someone is a celebrity. Let’s face it, part of the reason she became a celebrity is because she won the genetic gene pool lottery. That doesn’t change just because she had a baby.

5. They don’t leave the house without being camera ready. Wondering why you don’t look like Gwen or JLo when you’re out at the park or grabbing a coffee? Well, most celeb moms have a full team of people on staff doing their hair and make-up and they’re not leaving the house until they look perfect. Who can blame them?

6. They have more time, and more pressure, to get back in shape. Most of us normal moms have a hard time finding time to get to the gym and most of us can’t afford personal trainers whose job it is to get us back in shape. But most celeb moms have a trainer come to the house or travel with them on location. The celeb mom still has to do the work, but at least she has someone to motivate her through it.

7. They fly on private planes. Travelling with children is never easy, but it’s probably easier when you’re the only people on the plane. And subtract the time you or I take to park, go through security, and wait for the flight and you’ve gotten half your day back. And your kids aren’t falling apart upon arrival.

Now before you go thinking celeb moms have it all, think again. Pregnant celebrities are stalked by the paparazzi, with teams of photographers following them in cars, on foot, and often by helicopter. When a celeb mom goes into labor, hospital staff often sell information to weekly magazines and totally breach the celeb mom’s privacy. And once that celebrity baby is born, the whole world will know everything about him or her.

So while it’s fun to fly on private jets and great to have a chef make you healthy meals, there is a trade-off that isn’t always fair. The one thing normal moms and celeb moms have in common is we’re all trying to do a great job for our kids. Fortunately no one is photographing you and me while we do it.

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