Jessica Simpson Says People Need To Stop Negativity Over Pregnancy Weight


Jessica Simpson is one of the most scrutinized celebrities when it comes to her weight, both while pregnant and not!  The celebrity mom is disgusted by the weight shaming going on when it comes to expectant moms.

Jessica shares, "I will never understand why people give pregnant women such a hard time. We are creating a human life: I think we get every excuse in the world to eat a doughnut!"

Jessica continues, "I am definitely one of those pregnant women who just gains a lot of weight. I have really big boobs, I have my curves and I just gain weight. I can't help it.  It's been six weeks since I've had my baby now, and I feel great. It's okay to gain weight, and it will always come off."

With her second pregnancy, Jessica stayed out of the spotlight and much of the negative media attention fell on Kim Kardashian.  Jessica shares that she felt terrible for the reality star.  "I felt for Kim — I knew exactly what she was going through.  I send a lot of love her way, and I know she'll come back with a bang."


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