Johnny Depp On Fatherhood: Girls Are Complicated

Johnny Depp has a great relationship with both of his kids, Lily Rose, 14 and Jack, 11.  The celebrity dad shared with David Letterman what scares him the most: the thought of Lily starting to date soon. 


When David asked Johnny about his fears as a dad, he shared “‘Just you know…the things that a father fears, like some greasy little horror showing up at your door!”

Johnny explains that girls are so much different from boys in terms of parenting.  ”My boy Jack is 11 and he’s simple, low key, solid. One word texts [like], ‘Yep’, ‘No’, ‘Same.’ At our very base, I think, men, we’re simpletons, really. And girls are infinitely more complicated and brilliant, you know. They know how to manoeuvre and manipulate dad to the umpteenth degree.”

Do you have boys and girls? Do you think the boys are a little more “low maintenance”?


Photo Credit: Gett

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