David Beckham Announces His Retirement From Soccer (aka Football)

Celebrity dad David Beckham announced this morning that he is officially retiring from soccer.

After 20 years of playing the game professionally, David shared that’s time to hang up his cleats.  “I’m thankful to PSG for giving me the opportunity to continue but I feel now is the right time to finish my career, playing at the highest level. If you had told me as a young boy I would have played for and won trophies with my boyhood club Manchester United, proudly captained and played for my country over 100 times and lined up for some of the biggest clubs in the world, I would have told you it was a fantasy.” 

David is the only English player to win championships in four countries.   He continued, “I’m fortunate to have realized those dreams. To this day, one of my proudest achievements is captaining my country. I knew every time I wore the Three Lions shirt, I was not only following in a long line of great players, I was also representing every fan that cared passionately about their country.  Nothing will ever completely replace playing the game I love. However, I feel like I’m starting a new adventure and I’m genuinely excited about what lies ahead. I’m fortunate to have been given many opportunities throughout my career and now I feel it’s my time to give back.”

David will officially start his retirement next month after finishing his five month stint with the PSG team.  David has been donating his salary from this season to charity. 

It looks like Victoria and their four kids will be seeing a lot more of David this summer!



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