“I Buy My Husband Playboy Magazine”

shutterstock_36487804My husband and I have an open relationship. No, not the kind where we get to sleep with whomever we want. The kind where we talk about sex without any judgement. When he sees a new sexual position in a book? He shows me the picture. If I discover a cool new sex toy? I read him the description (or buy it). I share with him my reviews of the sexy books I’ve read. He reads me funny (and inappropriate) jokes from his Playboy magazines — magazines that I buy for my husband.

That's right: For the past several years, I’ve purchased my husband his Playboy magazine subscription. Mostly because I’m the one who pays all the bills in the family, but because it’s one of the few magazines he reads cover-to-cover. (Beat that Maxim!) Yes, he actually reads the articles.


Playboy has good articles.”

I’ll bet you’ve heard that one before. In fact, when I learned that my husband read the magazine, that’s one of the first things he told me. I laughed at him. Then I opened up the magazine. It really does have fascinating, relevant articles and celebrity interviews. On the scale of dirty magazines, Playboy is at the bottom of the list. There are much smuttier magazines available to men.

What about the naked women?

I tease my husband about the naked women in the Playboy. I’m sure he opens up the centerfold when I’m not around. He's a man; he will notice other women, especially if they're naked. I don’t feel threatened by these models. No one’s breasts are that perky after bearing children, unless they’ve gotten a bit of help. By the time the photos make it into the magazines, these women have been airbrushed head to toe.

My husband is a pretty laid back guy. He’s never asked for a subscription to Playboy. I knew he liked it. A magazine subscription also makes a good birthday present. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long, just on a monthly basis. The bonus is that I can also read articles that are more interesting than the ones in Cosmo or Glamour magazines.

Maybe if Playgirl magazine had better articles, they’d still be in print today.

How you feel about your partner reading “dirty” magazines?