Absolutely Adorable Ideas for Month-By-Month Baby Photos

I’m a fan of a candid baby photos, believe me. But, I must admit that I can’t resist a beautifully styled series of month-by-month baby photos. I love seeing all of the fun ideas parents come up with to document their baby’s development, from simple (yet stylish) props to elaborately styled photo sets. And come on, the adorable outfits that babies wear in these pics make the photos even more fun to look at.

Whether you’re thinking about creating monthly photo shoots just for your family’s album, or you’re sharing these snaps online with friends far and wide, it’s worth giving a little thought to the setup you choose. Where to start? For inspiration, I’ve rounded up some super cute ideas for month-by-month baby photos. They’re an amazing keepsake, and something fun to show your little once she’s a big kid.  

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