6 Sweet Swaddling Blankets for Your New Baby

There are certain memories from my first few days in the hospital after having my son Oliver that tend to be more vivid than others. Like hearing his first cry, trying to nurse him, and the rush of emotions that flooded me when I first met him. It was all about tending to my baby’s needs and making sure he was content. One more thing I’ll always remember is mi mama making sure that I knew how to swaddle him correctly. Just like Harvey Karp of the Happiest Baby on the Block, she is a true believer that babies need the comfort of swaddling after being in the womb for so long. Since my mom had four babies and seven grand children in addition to my son under her belt, this was one topic I would not argue. My one condition: The swaddling blankets that I wrapped him in had to be adorable! Here are my top picks:

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