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Innovative Baby and Toddler Utensils

I split my time between Tel Aviv and New York City and the two couldn’t be more different when it comes to baby “stuff.” Israel, as high tech-focused as it is, is very basic when it comes to the latest and greatest children’s inventions. In fact, even though Dr. Harvey Karp picked a major Israeli hospital to pitch doing research on his genius invention, Snoo, in the hopes that the smart bassinet will one day be covered by insurance, and R+D for brands like Nanit are located in Israel, Israelis don’t reach for even the most basic things like swaddles! Forget smart cameras and innovative utensils. When I’m in NYC, however, my mind is consistently blown by all the new contraptions being launched.

While it’s true that there’s a lot of clutter on the market and 9 out of 10 things I try are a total waste of money, there are true gems that can make the bumps of parenthood exponentially easier. Most any toddler parent will tell you that the transition from milk to solids is some degree of a nightmare, while we can’t promise that the below utensils will make it a breeze, they’ll undoubtedly maximize your chances. I certainly won’t be heading to my next trip to Tel Aviv without them!


Ahead, the most innovative baby and toddler utensils:

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