15 Totally On Point Gifts For Second Time Moms

When I had my second baby I was like whaaa?!! It’s not the same as the first go ’round—it’s easier and harder at the same time. I still had lots of clothes saved up from when my daughter was a baby, but that doesn’t mean I had everything I needed. In fact, I think we’d been home from the hospital for like three hours when I sent my husband to the computer to place our first (of many) Amazon orders. And I’m not just talking about material items like diapers and burp cloths; there were a lot of things I needed but couldn’t just go online to click and buy. Like dinner, and clean dishes, and a hot cup of coffee.

If you have a friend or family member expecting baby number two, do them a favor: don’t buy the new baby a stuffed animal or a board book (we’ve still got plenty of those from numero uno). Get the new parents something they really want and will truly appreciate the second time around. Many of these gifts are for sale, but some of them are simple ways that you can offer your time, so take a look at these fifteen awesome gifts and see what might be right for the second time moms and dads in your life.

What are your favorite gift ideas for parents-to-be or second time around moms? Did you get a gift you absolutely loved?

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