How Many Baby Outfits Do You Need?



Is it even possible to have too much baby clothing? Considering you might need to switch outfits five times a day (hello, spit up!), the truth is—probably not. Add in how fun and adorable baby outfits are, not to mention how many people are excited to buy them for you, and it’s easy to overspend your budget and overflow your nursery dresser. So how much baby clothes do you need? Here are the maximum—and minimum—numbers for your baby’s newborn layette.

First, start with the basics:

7 onesies or rompers – These make for easy, no-fuss outfits in summer, or a basic layer in winter. Seven will give you one for every day of the week.

2 hats – It's important to keep your baby warm in the early stages. Start with two—one to wear and one for the wash.

5  paris of socks – Even in summer, you’ll want to make sure your baby’s feet are cozy.

4 sleepers or gowns – Make sure your baby’s nighttime outfits are lightweight enough to keep your baby warm but not hot, and secure enough that they won’t bunch up or move around.

Next, add layers if you’re expecting a winter baby:

3 more pairs of socks – You can use these for extra layers, or for a quick change if feet get wet.

2 pairs of slippers or shoes – Shoes aren’t really necessary till your baby starts toddling, but winter babies need an extra warm layer on their toes, preferably one that’s water resistant.

4 pairs of pants – Fleece or thick cotton are good choices. Opt for stretchy waists and soft material for easy everyday use.

2 sweaters – You won’t be taking baby out much at first, but when you do venture out in the cold, you’ll need to have plenty of warm layers for him to wear.

1 winter coat or bunting sack – Winter babies need at least one layer of extra warm outerwear. In warmer climates, a winter coat with warm pants is enough, but for colder regions, get full-body outerwear to make sure baby stays snug in any weather.

Add sun cover for a summer baby:

1 sun hat – Choose a hat with a wide brim that fits snugly so it won’t fall off.

1 lightweight blanket – The best way to protect your baby from the sun is with shade, not sunscreen, and the simplest way to do that without overheating baby is with a light cotton or muslin blanket. Drape it over baby in the stroller or carrier to keep skin covered.

Then, adjust for your laundry situation:

The numbers above assume you have easy access to laundry and can wash at least every other day.

If you can only wash once a week, multiple all these numbers by two.

If you love laundry (haha) and plan to wash every day, you can cut these numbers in half.

Next, consider any special circumstances:

You’ll probably want at least one dress-up outfit for pictures or special events. If you have a specific event planned, it’s a good idea to get two dress-up outfits—just in case something happens to the first one on the big day.

If you plan to use cloth diapers, which are slightly bulkier than disposables, avoid slim-fitting clothes like jeans.

Finally, add in any favorite items:

Baby leg warmers are a cute way to add an extra layer that’s super convenient for diaper changes.

Bibs are great for catching spit-up and reducing laundry.

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