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New Baby Buys Parents Wish They Didn’t Spend Money On

When you’re pregnant everyone tells you that the baby needs nothing for the first few weeks. And yet they seem to always follow that up with a laundry list of things they recommend you get. Many jewish couples choose not buy anything for their baby ahead of time because it is considered bad luck. And guess what?  Once you have your baby you’ll realize there really isn’t any predicting what will help sooth their crying, what might entertain them during tummy time or even what size clothing or diaper they’ll need! So you really will need all the luck you can get!

Logically, however, even if you believe all this to be true, it’s hard not to buy things in preparation for baby’s arrival. It’s an exciting time after-all and we all want to be as optimally prepared as we possibly can be. With that in mind we asked first time baby and toddler parents what new baby buys they regret splurging on before their little one’s arrival. Read on for what they shared with us.

“I really wish I didn’t splurge on a stiff baby carrier. Newborns are so small it felt excessive and unnecessarily big and bulky. I much preferred to wrap my baby in a cloth baby carrier.” -Jennifer

“Forget about a wipe warmer! Who has time for that… just blow and move on!” -Shahar

“I remember reading that you need to closely monitor your newborn’s weight, so for some reason I thought I would need a baby scale. Turns out all that is done in the doctor’s office and there really isn’t much need for a baby scale. That said they’re not that expensive if you want one for peace of mind, but I certainly regret spending even $50 on it especially since it took a lot of room.”-Hadas

“I didn’t realize you don’t have to sterilize your bottles every time you use them. You really only need to do it when the bottles are new so I do regret getting a sterilizer. I could have just as easily put the bottles in a big pot of boiling water.” -Natty

“Shoes! Newborns definitely don’t need shoes. And unless they’re born underweight, if they’re born in the summer they probably don’t need hats either. Hats are commonly recommended to help babies regulate their temperature, but there was no need for my July baby.” -Olivia

“I didn’t do enough safe sleep research, so it wasn’t until my postpartum doula came the day we brought her home that I realized I didn’t need (and in fact it would be unsafe if I used) the sleep positioner and bumper I had bought.” -Thalia

“The idea of a baby food processor is great in theory, but they take up so much room. In the end I use the same Vitamin I use for myself, to make her food.” -Monica

“I bought so many baby robes and hooded towels! I mean how could I not, they’re so cute. But they’re really only good for cute Instagram pictures if I’m honest. They’re not practical or particularly useful.” -Amy

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