Ultimate Baby Shower Gifts: The Timbur Rattle

Timbur brings us a new kind of heirloom rattle, sleek and ergonomic and made entirely from sustainable products.

TIMBUR RATTLEThe Timbur Rattle is made from all natural wood and filled with natural shell beads for a delicate rattle sound that will excite baby’s senses without irritation. The rattle has a non-toxic blend of natural oils and wax finish, so you don’t have to worry about harming the baby’s gums or teeth. A slim handle provides easy grasping for baby’s delicate hands.

TIMBUR RATTLEEach rattle is made from a different cut of wood, so no two are alike. Timbur, a family-owned New Jersey company, makes the rattles in the United States from native materials and packages them using eco-friendly supplies.

Available for $90 at Supermarket.

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