The Creative Learning Co. Busy Board Is The Gift That Keeps Giving

Whether you have a child as young as six months or a three year old toddler, busy boards are a great way for kids to practice all kinds of things – like turning on and off switches and pressing buttons. Plus, they work to spport fine motor development, sensory play, hands on learning and collaboration and communication. The best ones are made from natural materials like wood, like this just launched one from The Creative Learning Co.

You can pop this board into a sensory table if you have one, but you can also just put it on the floor. I brought it to a mommy and me/REI class I’m in and all the kiddos crawled towards it. It’s great for self-directed play as children open, shut, touch, switch, turn, spin, press, slide, etc. Plus, it’s beautiful! With its heirloom quality it’s something you can easily keep from one child to the next. Honestly… I’ve never seen such incredible detail on any piece. This is something a child can go to over and over again and always discover something new.

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