Singing Fruit? Plush Toy Dumbbells? Yes, Please!

Kids love to mimic parents, even in those first few weeks and months – though it starts to become most noticeable starting at around the 6-8 month mark (think starting solids when our little ones want to eat what we are eating). This is often very visible in social situations since children are learning social skills and rely on us as parents to help them navigate these new situations they find themselves in. With that in mind I love Plush Creations for making affordable, quality items that encourage just that in fun ways while also working on imaginative play (plus they make for the cuuuuutest photos and you can even use their various kits for Halloween or other occasions where a costume is needed).

Take for example their Plush Fitness Duffle Toy Set ($29.99). I take my son to my morning workout five times a week, so he went bongers – in the best possible way – when I gave him his own gym bag filled with all the things he sees his mom and everyone around her using. It’s never too early to teach children about health and wellness and these plush toys are perfectly sized for small hands, so they’ll work as well for babies as they will for toddlers. Obviously this is also a great shower gift for anyone in the fitness industry.

They have a ton of other options, many of which have a sound element like the Talking Fruit Basket ($29.99). Each fruit says it’s name and a fact about the fruit. These are great to incorporate when starting solids to help not only develop healthy habits, but with language and imaginative play. Plus, like everything else the brand makes… they make for adorable photo opps.

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