How To Engage With Your Baby To Promote Healthy Development

It’s never too early to start promoting healthy growth development through engaging and playful activities.

“One of the easiest ways you can begin promoting motor development is by having  your child participate in tummy time activities,” says Carole Kramer Arsenault, RN, author of Newborn 101 and founder of Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny. “Tummy time builds and strengthens the muscles in your baby’s neck, back, shoulders, and legs, which sets an essential foundation for motor skill milestones such as rolling over, crawling, grasping objects and beyond.”


Keep reading for Kramer Arsenault’s tips for other healthy activities.

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  1. Reading to your baby: “Research shows that early reading improves language and cognitive development and increases vocabulary. These literacy skills are essential for later reading appreciation and success.”

  2. Getting outside: “Every new sensory experience for your baby is a chance for her brain to form new connections. Sights, sounds, tastes, touches and movement all encourage brain growth.”

  3. Having conversations with your baby: “Babies should hear 21,000 words a day to build literacy and language skills!”

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