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5 Ways To Develop Reading Interest In Your Kids

In today’s time, kids are losing interest in reading. Playing games on gadgets or being glued to the screen is the only thing kids love doing these days. And we all know neither is good for their overall growth. That’s why it’s essential to help kids develop a love for reading. This will not only improve their language but will even make them well-versed in various topics in general. So, here are some tips you can follow to help your kids develop an interest in reading story books, novels, or other books. 

1. Make Reading Part Of Your Routine 

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No matter how busy you or your kids are, make sure to read a few pages of some book every day. Read together before bedtime, or in the evening before dinner, or the morning after breakfast or anytime you all can sit together. It’s not necessary to read only story books. You can read whatever they are interested in, right from kids’ magazines, fiction, biographies, comic books, or even cookbooks for that matter. Reading books of their interest will keep them hooked for long. To make the reading session more interesting, keep asking questions to your kids in between like, “ What do you think will happen next,” “How do you think they will solve the problem,” and so on. You can even switch things by asking your child to read their favorite book to you. 

2. Read In Front Of Them 

Kids mimic every action of their parents. So, if you want to develop reading interest in your kids, read in front of them. Be it novels, books, graphic novels, or magazines, let your kid see that you are reading and enjoying it thoroughly. You can even discuss what you read with others at the dining table or at family gatherings. This will make the child feel that books are so much fun and are a great way to gather knowledge on so many topics. This will surely make them curious about reading. 

3. Go To Book Clubs

Enroll your child in an age-appropriate book club and let them see their friends reading and being excited. The enthusiasm will slowly catch onto them. You can even take trips to the library together to explore books on every topic and subject. Introduce them to some great authors, great classics, and the best stories of all time. Many libraries have story hours for kids, so try not to miss those. 

4. Let Them Explore Books On Their Own 

Your child doesn’t need to love the same genre of books as you. If you like fiction, your kids might love reading non-fiction books, or maybe science fiction books. So, let them explore the books and find their favorite literary genres at their own pace. As long as your kid is reading something age-appropriate, there is nothing to worry about. 

5. Make A Reading Corner 

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Don’t you love to sit in a cozy corner with your favorite book in hand? So, make one for your kids too. The reading space does not have grand and fancy, it should just be well-lit and a place where your child can comfortably sit for hours. You can even ask your kids about which place should be their reading nook. 

Reading is one of the best habits for mind development. The sooner you start, the better. So, follow these tips and make your kids interested in reading. 

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