Mommy Must-Have: SumBlox Make Math Fun

I first heard of SumBlox via Jessica Rolph, the co-founder & CEO of Lovevery, and knew if she endorsed a product to the point where she told me she wished she had come up with it herself for Lovevery, that is must be uniquely great. And it is!

Making math fun, whether it’s learning to count, add, subtract, multiply, etc. isn’t easy. Learning new skills in general can be a challenging thing to encourage with our little ones (and adults for that matter…), but SumBlox makes solving math problems fun, engaging and versatile to work into everyday life.


So what are SumBlox?

Basically SumBlox (ages 2-12) are solid wood stacking number blocks that you can arrange in an endless number of ways for everything from number recognition to various”math games” (the blocks come with a ton of ideas).

Not only are the blocks relevant for years, as mentioned, they can really easily be integrated into daily life to bring numbers to life. In fact, you can use these even before your child is ready for math to get them familiar with numbers. A two year old will have fun stacking and knocking the blocks down, for example, since they’re perfectly sized (they come in two sizes) for little hands to grasp.

Just like it’s never too early to read with a baby, it’s never too early to expose a child to numbers!