19 European Kids Clothes Brands That Will Have You Saying “Oui! Oui!”


When I was in my twenties, every time I’d go to Europe there was only one place that always made my list—H&M. You guys, sadly, I’m serious. In those oh-so-long-ago days, you could only buy their wares abroad, so you were pretty much guaranteed to be the only person wearing some weird, florescent overall dress that could be seen three states away, which struck me as the height of European chic (um, it wasn’t).

Nowadays, my world could use a bit more Euro cool to counteract the Frozen chic we’ve got going on. I’m thinking a bit more sophistication and a bit less pink with purple and singing snowmen, très bien?

Here are my favorite European kids clothes brands to bring a little bit of the Continent back home:

coll little boy wearing European jacket

The Brand: Mini Rodini from Sweden

Why I Love It: Because it’s AWESOME. I love when kids dress like mini adults, but I also love when they look like kids. Mini Rodini somehow manages both—her playful illustrations will thrill any kid (I’m dying over this mermaid one), and yet there’s a level of sophistication that makes them adult-covetable. Plus, the swimsuits! OMG!

blue jumpsuit for toddlers with yellow shoes and hat

The Brand: Macarons from Germany

Why I Love It: Because will you look at that kid? Don’t you just want to watch him toddle around all morning and see the business he gets into? These are kids’ clothes—true rompers, made for moving and playing and looking like a toddler. Plus, they’re all organic and use eco-conscious fabrics.

little girl in flower dress with cardigan

The Brand: Caramel Baby & Child from the UK

Why I Love It: My kids are half British, so there’s a special place in my heart for tailored clothes with a bit of a vintage twist. Caramel does this impeccably. Their clothes never feel stuffy, but are refined enough that if you happened to have a spur-of-the-moment play date with George and Kate you needn’t worry.

maan kids' clothing for Spring

The Brand: Maan Kids from Belguim

Why I Love It: Because it’s playful, bright, and totally surprising. Kind of like your kids on a really, really good day.

Nelly Stella dress with cut out sleeves

The Brand: Nelly Stella from Taiwan, based on her years in Europe

Why I Love It: Nelly Stella is like your gorgeous friend who somehow always wears the appropriate thing and looks totally pulled together yet also like she’s not trying at all. A look that makes your well thought out sequin dress feel slightly (ahem) overdone. Nelly Stella is that in kid form—her dresses are tailored but playful, and while they’d work at Easter brunch, they wouldn’t slow your little gal at the playground.

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