24 Savory & Sweet Muffin Tin Recipes


We’re headed to a party this weekend and bringing an appetizer. It’s the perfect excuse to bust out the muffin tins and bake up some Pizza Rolls—what’s great is that I can prep everything at home and pop it in the oven at my friend’s house when we’re ready to eat.

Our muffin tin barely gets put away in my kitchen—I use it weekly for way more than just muffins. I use it for all kinds of foods, both sweet and savory. The main reason foods baked in muffin tins can be so wonderful is because they automatically make individual portions. It can be much easier to serve a round of meatloaf than cut slices off a large loaf. They are also useful for making a perfectly portioned egg breakfast that both kids and adults love.

Check out some of my favorite muffin tin recipes for that go beyond your typical cupcake in the slideshow.

More Bite-Sized Recipes: