DIY Festive Animal Ornaments to Add to a Christmas Tree for Kids



Our first son was born at the end of November last year. At the time, I had lofty aspirations of putting his own little mini Christmas tree in his room just for him—I’m sure  moms out there are chuckling right now at my overzealous nesting ideas! Needless to say, Henry did not get his own tree last year, because it was all I could do to get showered and dressed every day to take care of a newborn, let alone make him a special Christmas tree.

This year, though, I’m all over it! I was trying to figure out a plan for something that would be sweet and simple and fun to look at, and I think we got it! These little animals are perfect for a tiny tree, and if you don’t want to make ornaments out of them you can just add the little wreaths and Christmas trees and set them around the house for fun! Just FYI, our little one-year-old dude doesn’t get to handle these things by himself (we help him touch them so he doesn’t try to eat ’em like he does everything else). So if you’re making these for a baby be sure you handle them safely. If you’re setting up a Christmas tree for kids that are a little bit older (age 2+) though, they’ll have a ball taking these festive animals on and off the tree and helping you decorate. Let’s make some!



  • plastic toy animals
  • non-toxic paint
  • paintbrushes
  • small bottle brush trees and wreaths
  • strong glue
  • mini Christmas tree


Step 1: Gather your animals and wreaths, and make sure that they’re a similar size.


Step 2: Paint all of your animals! Be sure you find a paint that will stick to the animals and is non-toxic for kiddos. Allow the animals to dry and cure thoroughly.


Step 3: Take off any extra bows, strings, or wires from the wreaths and mini trees. Add them to your animals—glue the trees to animals with flat backs and put the wreaths on animals with sturdy necks.

tree-on-plastic-animal wreaths-on-plastic-animals

Step 4: Take a second to admire how stinking cute these animals are.


Step 5: Decorate your tree! The beauty of these things is that you don’t need to attach any hooks; they can sort of cling to the tree on their own. So if you have any little ones who are decorating age, let them help put their own animals on their very own tree.


Step 6: Light up the tree and admire! Have fun all season teaching your children about colors, animals, and the holidays.

festive-holiday-animals-walking baby-hand-grabbing-animal-ornament festive-deer-with-wreath-christmas-tree-ornament

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