DIY Hanging Lamp from a Wastebasket


DIY Hanging Lamp This DIY takes a basic household item you wouldn’t normally gravitate to and turns it into a great decorative DIY hanging lamp! By taking an unused wastebasket you can create a hanging lamp perfect for any space. Simply by cutting a hole in the top and hanging a string light bulb through it, you can create an unexpected (and cheap!) light fixture!


 DIY Hanging Lamp


Step 1: Use the wire cutters to cut a hole in bottom of the wastebasket. Make sure the hole is not too big, so the lip of the cord won’t slip through it.

DIY Hanging Lamp

Step 2: String the cord from the inside of the wastebasket through the hole. 


DIY Hanging Lamp

Step 3: Screw the light bulb into the cord.

DIY Hanging Lamp

Step 4: Pick where you want your lamp, hang it, and voila! 

DIY Hanging Lamp

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