7 No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Decorating Pumpkin DIY CraftI just love pumpkins! My favorite season is upon us, and with it comes Halloween, providing lots of opportunities for creative holiday recipes and crafts. Making a jack-o-lanterns is the traditional way to decorate a pumpkin, but I'm not great at carving.

Plus, carving makes pumpkins rot quickly, and when you don't carve kids can get in on the crafting fun! To  keep your pumpkins around longer this season, decorate them in a way that requires no carving.  Here are a few stylish and fun ideas to inspire you. Follow the links to read the full tutorials:

Dressed-Up Pumpkins:

Idea 1: Glue glamorous studs and sequins on you pumpkins like there did here in Good Housekeeping. (See below.)  

Idea 2: Shannon covered her pumpkins with gold thumbtacks on Madigan Made. (See below.)

Dressed-Up Pumpkin DIY Crafts

Taped-Up Pumpkins:

Idea 3: There's a lot you can do with tape! On the blog Pinecone, Ashlyn used black electrical tape to create a cool Chevron pattern. (See below.)

Idea 4: Duct tape comes in fun patterns now. On The V Spot, Viv used the Herringbone tape to decorate her pumpkin. (See below.)

7 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas without Carving

Painted Pumpkins:

Idea 5: Paint your initial on one for an elegant look like it was done on The Butlers. (See below.)

Idea 6: Take an idea from BH&G and paint colorful designs on your pumpkins with craft paint. (See below.)

Painted Pumpkins DIY Craft


Wrapped-Up Pumpkins:

Idea 7: Wrap one up with gauze and googly eyes like they did on BH&G!

Want more Pumpkin DIY Craft ideas?


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