DIY: Gold Dipped Bangles


I’ve seen similar gold dipped bangles for a fortune at high end stores. Did you know they’re a really easy DIY? 



  • Wooden or plastic plain  bangles (I bought mine at Target for about $1 each)
  • Gold spray paint (or another color of your choice)
  • Scotch tape


Using the scotch tape, wrap the area of the bangel that you don’t want covered in paint. Wrap carefully, being certain to press firmly along theedges to prevent paint from seeping through the tape. If you’re making two, try to make the area exposed about the same size.


Set the bangles on a piece of cardboard or paper in a well ventilated space and spray with an even coat on one side. When that side is dry, flip them over and spray again . 


After letting them dry completely, peel off the tape!


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