TV Shows and Movies to Watch with Your Tweens

When you’re a movie lover and fan of great TV, nothing is more exciting than raising kids who appreciate this kind of screen time as much as you do.  Thankfully, the film and television industry has made many kid movies more palatable to parents via clever writing and wit, but the day will come before […]

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Can’t Miss Kids Movies For 2019

Dora & Elsa Are Coming to Town; Toy Story Is All Set for a Come Back For all the movie buffs like me, there is no better way to relax than to have a movie night out with your family. Kids are in luck as they will surely have an exciting time at theaters with […]


Tips to Get Your Internet-savvy Kids Off the Couch

I admit it. I’m guilty of allowing my only child to spend a lot of time on his iPhone, iPad and PlayStation 4. I often find myself speechless whenever the other moms at school boast about the creative ways they use to limit their kid’s gadget use. While some resort to disabling their WiFi connection […]