Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty: Nickelodeon Surprises Fans with New Animated Series

Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon welcomes 2019 with adventure and magic through the launch of Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty on Jan. 27 at  11:30 a.m. Funrise‘s animated TV series will bring us to the world of part unicorn, part butterfly, part rainbow but 100% fearless cat named Felicity and her fun dog best friend Miguel. The series follows Felicity’s journey as she explores and uses her special powers to face the dragons, giants, wizards and other magical creatures in the mystical land of Mythlandia.



Premiering the series is the episode “Purrfect Party/Anubis Newbie,” where we will witness Felicity’s efforts to overcome her fears of being inferior to the other popular Mythlandia residents. Miguel is also put to test by Anubis king to assess if he can be the underworld’s most awaited ruler.


Sit tight and enjoy as Felicity maximizes her super powers to fire lasers, produce thunderous claps, form a rainbow and fire glow sticks to beat the villains of Mythlandia. For the excited fans who can no longer wait for the scheduled official series premiere, Nick On Demand and Nick App will start featuring the all-new full length episode on Jan. 18. Succeeding adventures of Felicity will then be available on Nicktoons beginning Jan. 28. As for the rest of the viewers in 170+ territories and countries, the series is scheduled for release on international channels at the later part of 2019.


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