My Top Five Postpartum Essentials for Newborns & Their Mamas

With my second baby, I’ve finally found the five things that make the difference in my life after a baby is born. I know you can find a million “what you need for baby” posts, but I have really figured out what works for our family this time around and wanted to share. We had a few items with our older child that were fine (a certain popular white noise machine, for example) but not stellar. I was bound and determined to find better products this time. Today I’m sharing five great postpartum essentials for newborns from a mama of two boys.


Ezra NB64-1

Postpartum Essential #1: White noise machine

 Homedics Sound spa

For me, a white noise machine was a must as I’m a light sleeper and our first baby really needed white noise! The HoMedics Sound Spa is perfect in every way. First, it lets you control the volume completely from very soft to as loud as you’d ever need for anything. It has multiple different sounds, but the one I like most is straight up white noise. And this sound machine is $10 less than one of the most popular white noise machines for babies. Because the HoMedics Sound Spa is so affordable at $19.99 and because it’s very effective, I bought one for our bedroom, the nursery, and my older son’s room. It drowns out all other sounds, specifically our cats obnoxiously meowing in the wee hours of the morning when we’re all trying to get some much needed shut-eye. And it’s small enough to take with us when we travel.

Warning: Do not buy the baby version of the HoMedics machine. It runs off of batteries only. The one I love and recommend plugs into the wall.

Postpartum Essential #2: The best nursing pillow 

 My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

Without naming names, I’ve used the most popular brands of nursing pillows and they didn’t work for me. I first discovered My Brest Friend at our pediatrician’s office at our two week visit with the new baby, and it is the perfect nursing (and possibly bottle-feeding) pillow. It is the most comfortable nursing pillow I’ve experienced. I love it SO much and use it many times each day. I even used it in the car during the first two to three weeks postpartum when nursing to make it easy on both our new son and me. It really supports baby and mom at a great price! This company offers a twins version as well for moms of multiples. 

Postpartum Essential #3: Nursing tank that sucks in your postpartum tummy 

belly Bandit Mothertucker tank

The MotherTucker Nursing Tank from Belly Bandit is amazing. I received one for review and wish I had five (one for each day). The investment is a bit higher than most nursing tanks you can pick up at your local store, but the $79.95 price tag is worth every penny for postpartum and beyond. This tank comes in black, white, and nude, allows easy access for nursing, and seriously pulls in the postpartum waist. My tummy still has a ways to go before it’s back to my postpartum shape, but this nursing tank worked very well from day one to smooth out my middle. I love that this allows an easy pull-side nursing access without any snaps or flaps to slow me down. It’s very comfortable, and since it has a tummy-flattening center, it makes you feel ready to get dressed and face each day after those tough sleepless nights.  

Postpartum Essential #4: An affordable baby carrier 

Baby K'tan carrier

Whether you consider yourself a baby-wearing mama or not, I highly recommend the Baby K’Tan Baby Wrap as a great way to give yourself some hands-free time. Whether it’s making dinner during the oh-so-fun witching hour or having something to save you when baby starts fussing on a long walk, this carrier is easy to use, soft, washable, and very comfortable for babies and parents. I own four carriers and use them all from time to time, but our new baby definitely is most content and falls asleep easiest in the Baby K’Tan carrier. I use it for grocery shopping trips, walks in the neighborhood, for pickup at preschool so I can help our older son carry all of his stuff to the car, and more.

Postpartum Essential #5: The best burp cloth and bib combo

aden+anais Burpy Bib

The Burpy Bib by aden+anais is one of my very favorite baby products. With my first son, we didn’t discover this genius invention until much later. With the new baby, I stocked up and I’m so glad I did. This baby spits up much more often than our first did. I have a burpy bib in my diaper bag, on our rocking chair, and in bed or near the crib at all times. I love that long after burp cloths are retired, we can still use the burpy bib as a regular and very efficient bib for our baby when eating solids. Plus they are cute and come in a variety of styles.

Bonus items…

Honest Company organic baby powder 

Perfect for baby boy bums (and probably girls too, but I’m a boy mama), this baby powder from The Honest Company includes probiotics and helps keep baby’s skin clean and dry. There is no scent at all. We also used it to clear up a little yeast rash under Ezra’s chin from milk dribbles.

Mam pacifiers

Our older child didn’t take a pacifier, but the new baby loves them. Mam pacifiers work great for our son. The size and shape work well, and I love that they come in adorable designs.

Top photo by Leah Fontaine Photography

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