21 bliss balls recipes (including nut-free versions that are safe for school lunch boxes_

21 Healthy Bliss Balls Recipes (Including 9 Nut-Free Recipes)

Bliss balls would have to be one of my favourite snacks, both to make and eat. My kids are huge fans too. I love how versatile these little treats are; you can simply add or omit ingredients to suit your family, you can make them whatever size you like and they can also be a healthy treat for the kids to enjoy in their school lunch box.

I’ve put together a collection of 21 healthy recipes from some of my favourite Australian bloggers, including sugar-free bounty bars bliss balls (yes please), apple and cinnamon bliss balls and carrot cake bliss balls. Nine of these recipes are nut-free and therefore safe for school too. Enjoy!


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21 Healthy Bliss Balls Recipes - with nut-free options for lunch boxes

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